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In both mixed developments and office buildings, there are many different types of parkers. You might have a building resident, a regular subscriber, a guest, and an employee with a replacement car all entering the parking lot one after another, and you need the automatic parking system to work smooth and fast. When it comes to complex parking, having a powerful and flexible parking management software is of the utmost importance. That is where we can help you. 

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ניהול חניון של אינטרגרין
לקוח מרוצה של ניהול חניון
חניון של חברת AMY
לקוח של חברת טכנוסו

Mixed Developments & Office buildings parking solutions:


Technoso’s management software is extremely versatile. As a parking manager, you can create unique authorizations, rules, or prices for any given space, be it a parking lot, floor, section, or even a single parking space. This allows for new methods of management. 


For example, a parking lot is shared by 4 companies, and each company is allowed 20 parking spots. After 20 employees from a single company enter the parking lot, the next drivers will not be allowed in freely even if the rest of the parking lot is vacant. They may be let in as guests, or their employers charged for the extra parking, based on what was predetermined. 

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Easy management

Delegation is the key to successful management. Instead of you, the parking manager, having to deal with all the little details, each company can have full control over their allotted parking spots. You won’t need to deal with stickers, tags, or cards. Everything is quickly updated with a click of a button. Using the management App, building residents or employers can use the “open for a friend” feature to view (live) who is at the gate and allow them entrance to their parking spot. 

Analytics :

At any given moment, you can easily view the status of your parking lot. Filter the results to view how many spots each company is taking, who allowed guests in, high traffic times, and much more.  With Technoso’s BluePT software you can now manage complex or large parking lots, easier than ever possible before. 

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