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Hi, we’re Technoso.

The only wireless parking system in the world

We’re on a mission to change the face of parking lot management. 

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The Why

We believe that managing your parking lot should be simple, headache-free, and cost-effective. And we didn’t see a solution on the market that checked all the boxes. That’s why we created the Blue PT line of ultra-efficient parking management systems that increase parking lot revenues while decreasing expenses.

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The Who

We’re a team of engineers and industry veterans. Located in Israel with partners around the globe, we keep our compass pointed towards what’s most important: 

  • Giving parking lot owners around-the-clock support 
  • Tracking and analyzing the entire process
  • Creating sustainable, long-term revenues for our clients
  • Innovating to create new and better systems
  • Ensuring our systems are always 100% up-to-date

The How

Our futuristic systems give your parking lot a premium touch with ticketless entry, instant payments, EV charging stations, and more–because we know firsthand that when customers actually enjoy the parking experience, they come back again and again. 

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Our latest news

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Shira Building – Rehovot

Location Rehovot Installation date: 03.2021 Office and commercial building on an area of ​​17,000 square meters above ground and another 11,000 square meters below ground.

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Eretz Ratz

Eretz Ratz Petach Tikvah

Location: Petach Tikvah Installation date: 08.2019 Large shopping center with a wide range of stores. In the shopping center, you will find stores such as

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