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“Remember that shopping mall where it took us an hour to find parking? We should go shopping there.” – said no one ever.

1. These days, when most people go to shopping centers with cars, the parking lot will be the first and last thing they see and remember. Parking is what will kick off their shopping experience. The less time they spend in the parking lot and more in the shops, the better. Also, we all know that a happy customer will always be more interested in purchasing than an unhappy customer. 


2. Technoso’s parking management system is beautifully and futuristically designed with built-in LED lighting that changes colors based on actions. It’s wireless and therefor installing it will be faster and cheaper than any other parking system. 


3. Both the Ticket-Less and Ticket-Recycle entrance systems are built for speed to get your customers parked and shopping faster than ever before. They’ll be able to pay with all the new payment options including mobile wallets and contactless credit cards. An automatic smart parking lot is a sure way to create more revenue, returning customers, and make your life much easier.

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Shopping center parking solutions:

Less time in the Parking lot more time shopping

Technoso’s Ticket-Less and Ticket-Recycle entrances maintain a fast flow of cars and prevent congestion.

When a customer approaches the Ticket-Recycle entrance terminal, a ticket will already be waiting after having already associated the ticket with the license plate number.

Once they enter, it’s possible to install electronic screens that navigate the drivers to a floor/section where there is available space.

Since the whole parking system works fully on the cloud, the parking data can also be displayed live on the shopping center’s website/App for customers to know where to go before they even arrive. 

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Get Smart Parking

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Payment flexibility

Shopping centers have the option of installing different types of Pay on Foot machines in strategic areas so that drivers can pay before they get to their car in order to exit right away.

Technoso offers a unique parking discount card solution in order to attract customers and create loyalty. The parking cards are all PVC and recyclable and are available in 3 colors.

Managers can easily decide on the discount of each color and it can even be different amounts for different times. This way customers don’t need to use annoying stickers or present a receipt at the exit. 

Attract more customers

The number of electric vehicles on the roads has been increasing at a fast pace. By installing EV charging stations, drivers of electric vehicles will always prefer to shop at your center over a center that does not offer EV charging. To make it even more convenient for the driver, they are able to pay for charging and parking in one shot. Asides from making your center more environmentally friendly you’ll also be putting it on the EV charging stations map. 

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