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The Blue PT Cloud open API means unlimited possibilities for you.

Imagine having your entire parking lot at the tip of your fingers. With Blue PT Cloud, you can.

  • It’s live – Real-time parking lot management. 
  • It’s future-proof – forget about software updates (we do those instantly), and easily integrate with any other PARCS. 
  • It’s all there, anytime – access all of your data. Instantly. 
  • It’s in the cloud – ditch on-site control systems once and for all. 

Live actionable data

Our cloud-based management software has a dedicated control-room page with a live view of every vehicle entering/exiting your parking lots as well as transactions at the Pay on Foot kiosks. Every single event has its own set of actions you can take without having to leave the control-room page. 

Future proof

Future proof

With a management system that lives in the cloud, you can rest assured that your software is always up-to-date. When your parking lot needs a new integration or capability we’ll do that all online and your system can continue running as usual with no interruptions. 


Customization & Dynamic pricing

The BluePT software was created to fit your specific parking needs. That means that it’s extremely customizable. You can give unique prices to different sections, floors, or even parking spaces in your parking lot. You can even have those prices change based on time or date. All the customizations can be easily built before we start with any physical installations, so that once the equipment is up – the system is ready to go. 

Management App

Whether you are a parking manager who needs to quickly open the barrier or a building resident opening the gate for your friend, it’s all a click away with the App. Through the PalGate App, you can view in real-time who is at the gate and open it for them. All the actions taken are recorded in the log for future reference. 


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