Universities parking solutions



  1. University parking lots can be very complex operations to set up and manage. They are often spread out over multiple locations, cater to different types of parkers, have a high frequency of special events, and have rush hours throughout the day.

  2. Technoso’s parking solution is fully cloud run which means parking managers can manage all the parking lots from the comfort of wherever they please. One of the most unique aspects of the Technoso systems is that they are wireless which makes installing (especially with parking lots spread apart) easier, faster, and much cheaper.

  3. Turning your university parking lot into an automatic smart parking lot will make for happier staff and students, less traffic, more revenue, lower expenses, and make you more environmentally friendly.    


Universities parking solutions

Getting rid of traffic

One of the most common complaints universities hear from their students is about parking availability. By using Licence Plate Recognition cameras, you eliminate the need for taking a parking ticket when entering. Drivers can enter swiftly and immediately be directed using electronic signs to a parking lot with available space thereby easing up traffic with less cars going in circles looking for a parking space.

Because all the data is stored on the cloud, information about the parking situation can easily be displayed in the universities app and website. Students and staff can see where to park even before they arrive! 

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Special events

Universities tend to quite often have events either for the students or for the public.

When there is suddenly a large influx of cars it’s important to make sure that there is a constant flow of traffic.

For VIP or specific guests it’s possible to pre-add their licence plate numbers to the management software for special access to closed off parking sections. An LPR camera at the entrance to the closed off section will make sure only the allowed vehicles are able to enter. 


Managing subscriptions for parking regulars has never been easier. Managers can easily add/remove the licence plate numbers in the management software and the drivers don’t need to use a card, chip, or sticker.

They can simply drive in and out and it will open automatically. For non subscribers, payment can be made in advance, before entering the vehicle, with the Pay on Foot machines or in-lane by the exit.

All of Technoso’s payment terminals accept swipe, EMV, & contactless credit card payment as well as QR code and mobile wallets. Receipts are automatically emailed to the driver. 

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Environmentally and cost friendly

Universities all across the globe are working to make their campuses more environmentally friendly and we are there to help you make that happen.

Isn’t it great when doing good things also saves you money? All Technoso’s parking tickets are PVC recyclable tickets that can be reused hundreds of times.

Our Ticket-Less terminals remove the need for tickets all together. Both those options will save you thousands of dollars on upkeep a year. 

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