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Payments have never been this easy - or this fast.

We’re bringing instant tap-and-go payment systems to parking lots in Israel and beyond.

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Imagine this:

you drive up to the barrier, pull out your credit card, tap it to the sensor, and drive – all in under five seconds. This is tap-and-go payments. It’s more efficient than ever and is set to take over traditional credit card payment methods. 

We also offer a full array of analog and digital payment options for all types of drivers: 

  • Pay on foot machines in locations convenient for your drivers. 
  • Contactless (tap-and-go), EMV chip, swipe, and QR code.
  • Mobile wallets (NFC) such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, Monyx Wallet, and more. 
  • Third-party parking payment apps such as Pango, Cellopark, and more. 

Pay on Foot (POF)

Installing POF machines are a great way to allow customers to conveniently pay before getting in their cars. They can be installed in different strategic locations for minimal congestion in the parking lot exits. We offer a variety of POF machines with some accepting cash/credit + tickets, credit only + tickets, and credit only with entering a license plate number.

Contactless & Mobile wallets

Your customers will be able to easily pay by just tapping their credit card or smartphone. As soon as they pull up to the exit terminal the fee to pay will be displayed on the screen. At this point, all they have to do is tap their card/phone and they are ready to go.  

Third-party Payment Apps

Parking lots can connect with third-party apps such as Cellopark and Pango to give their customers more options to conveniently pay.

מנוי לחניון


Entering and exiting for subscribers has never been easier. Their license plate number is added to the management software and when they approach the barrier it will immediately open. Subscribers can be billed through the management software making managing their subscription a breeze.

Digital E-Receipts

Make your Parking lot environmentally-friendly (and bring down upkeep costs!) by getting rid of paper. Your customers do a quick sign up online and will start receiving digital tax receipts to their email every time they leave your parking lot. They can even retroactively download their receipts from up to 7 years back.

Discount cards

Control discounts for your customers with 3 different colored PVC recyclable discount cards. Each color card may be assigned a different discount amount. All the discount amounts are easily controlled through the management software. Specific color cards can be canceled at any moment and data can be retrieved to view the amount of times and when certain color cards were used.
For even more flexibility the manager can assign different discount amounts at different times.

For example:

Monday - Thursday 7:00 - 17:00

Monday - Thursday 17:00 - 23:00


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