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  1. Airports and other transit station parking situations can be very complex. They operate 24/7 spread across a very large area. There will usually be many individual parking lots and many of them will serve different purposes. There is a drop-off/pick-up zone, short term parking, long term parking, staff parking, and sometimes VIP parking. The drivers that are parking are quite often in a rush to catch their flights and a slow parking system can mean missing a flight. 
  2. Technoso offers a full ecosystem of parking solutions in order to create a smooth flow of traffic in the parking lots. The full system will get travelers parked and on their way faster, save management a lot of money, maximize revenue, collect live data across all parking lots, and more. 


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Airports and transit stations parking solutions:

Installation and cost-effectiveness

One of the things that makes Technoso’s parking management system unique is that it is wireless and cloud operated. With traditional parking systems, you would need to wire communication wires from the server room to wherever your parking lot is. With Technoso’s system, you don’t need expensive construction for installation and if you decide to relocate your parking lot you can move the management system too! For airports and transit stations with parking lots spread out this is a savings of tens of thousands of dollars. 

  • Our system saves management even more money by removing many ongoing expenses. The system is fully automatic and requires no people on site. The parking cards in the ticketing system are made of PVC and can be used hundreds of times before recycling, there’s no need for printers, ink, or paper.  
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Every detail of the entrance and exit parking management system is built for speed. The LPR cameras are some of the best in the world and the barriers open in up to 0.7 seconds. The TicketLess system will have drivers go straight through and the Ticket Recycle system will release a ticket before the driver even reaches it. By the exit, for drivers that have already paid at a Pay on Foot machine, the barrier will immediately open and for those who need to pay, they can do so with any of the new fast payment systems such as contactless or mobile wallets. 

Traffic flow and data

With such large and busy parking lots such as the ones in airports and transit stations, a navigation system is a must. By installing sensors by the entrance and exit to floors/sections, it’s possible to display electronic signs showing the number of available spaces and where they are. Since the whole system is also cloud operated, all that data can be shown on Apps, websites, and screens for drivers to know where the available spots are before they even arrive. 

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Unique solutions for Airport parking lots

A common issue for airports is the drop-off/Pick up zone. In order for there to be a flow of cars and so travelers can get dropped off by private vehicles as well as taxis, a 15 min limit is usually put in place. Where many airports struggle to enforce the time limit using people, an automatic Technoso system can fix that issue. With LPR and a barrier at the entrance to the Drop-off/Pick up lanes drivers can receive 15 min free followed by a high price which will make sure drivers go in and out quickly. 

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