Operating a parking lot has never been easier, we give you all your parking needs in one place.

Operating a parking lot has never been easier, we give you all your parking needs in one place.


It used to be that if someone wanted to run a parking lot, they would need to deal with a list of different service providers. Operators would then need to keep track of when to pay who and each additional service would require dealing with an additional provider. We put an end to that.
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Here are some of the services included in our one-stop-shop that otherwise wouldn’t be.

No Wires No Problems

In a conventional system, you would need to lay down foundations, connect internet cables to the servers, connect a computer to operate the systems, get a VPN, and if anything goes wrong with any of these things, you’ll be dealing with different providers for each issue. With the BluePT system, there are no cables, no computers, and the built-in server is made by us, so you only ever need to deal with one provider and that’s us.

Payment Processing

View and control all the parking payments from one place. Get the best rates and processors and if there’s a payment issue, there’s no need to speak to the credit card processor, you can speak directly to us.


Parking tickets and paper receipts cost a lot of money, they’re bad for the environment and they’re a headache, so why do we use them? We don’t. With the BluePT system, you won’t need to keep ordering consumables, there are none.


In the past, if you wanted to get any data insight or statistics of a parking lot you either did it manually or needed an external system to do it for you. In today’s world data is everything and that’s why we bring you the best BI tools to collect the data and make it actionable.
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