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No more manual anything. BluePT instant License Plate Recognition (LPR) makes it easy to go paperless.

What makes every car truly unique? Hint: it’s not make, model, or color. It’s the license plate. With BluePT, LPR is all you need to manage your customer’s comings and goings. Our systems instantly identify and register vehicles as they enter and exit the lot, giving you comprehensive real-time data by the minute. 

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How LPR Makes Your Life Easier

Integrating LPR allows for some truly unique opportunities.

רקע טכנוסו


Installing just an LPR camera at the entrance to a parking lot (without a need for a terminal.) When a vehicle enters the parking lot, the camera will immediately capture and upload the licence plate number to the management software in the cloud and open the barrier. Upon exiting the camera will again recognize the licence plate number and the system will calculate the time parked and display a fee.

רקע טכנוסו


When there are different parkers in one parking lot where some need to be charged for parking while others do not. An example of this would be a shopping center with offices which have workers who receive free parking in addition to subscribers that deserve a more discounted parking rate (such as, college students, city residents, etc.).

A manager can easily add all the vehicle numbers that need to receive free parking to the management software. When those pre-registered subscribers enter & exit the parking lot, the system will recognize that they have free parking and will instantly open the necessary barriers. 

With this solution, subscribers do not need to have a ticket, chip, or sticker to receive the free parking.

In addition, there is an option to give users limited access to the management software for them to easily manage their own parking spaces. They can add their own guests to the free parking list in advance of their arrival or with a click of button see the vehicle currently in the entrance lane and decide whether to take responsibility for it and allow it to enter using one their individual parking spaces.  If the user approves the action on the app, the guest vehicle can automatically exit and will immediately be removed from the system upon leaving.

רקע טכנוסו


If a parker loses their ticket they will not need to pay a high parking fee as it is with non-LPR systems because their information is saved in the management software with the exact time they entered and amount they need to pay. This will create a much more pleasant experience for the customer that they will remember.

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