The future of parking is here. And it looks really good.

The only wireless parking lot management that saves money, saves time, saves the planet, & looks cool doing it.

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The one-stop parking lot shop you’ve been waiting for

Let’s face it, managing a parking lot can be a pain. From inefficient ticketing and payment systems to poor traffic flow to slow and outdated exits – the list goes on. Technoso is here to change that. Our full-service solutions take parking lot management from blah to ahhh. 

Some of Our Happy Clients

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How do Technoso parking lot systems make management a breeze?

Let’s take a drive and see.

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The Parking lot entrance - where the “wow!” begins

Our hands-free license plate detection technology instantly registers your car, and our color-coded LED lighting system leads you through the barrier in seconds.

  • 70% faster than other systems
  • Ultra-futuristic design
  • No more fumbling with paper tickets!

Inside the parking lot - find your spot in seconds

No more circling around or driving from floor to floor looking for spots.

  • Easy-to-read display screen know exactly where to go, right away
  • Green or red lights indicate empty or occupied spots
  • Electric car? Get juiced up with our plug-and-go parking
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Keep things moving with
our no-hassle exits

Exit bottlenecks are a manager’s worst nightmare. Technoso gets cars paid and on their way faster.

  • Instant license-plate detection
  • No fumbling around for tickets
  • The only tap-and-go payment system in Israel

Manage your lot from wherever, whenever

Measure and monitor your parking lot traffic with real-time images, access reports, statistics, and financial data, control all barriers and gates, track up-to-the-minute space availability, add/remove users, and more. 

  • 100% cloud-based - access your info anywhere, anytime
  • Stop juggling multiple providers - our system is all-in-one
  • Open API for easy integration with existing PARCS and LPR equipment
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Get Smart Parking

Life is good. With Technoso, it gets better.

Technoso makes your job oh-so easy. 

More revenue.

Increase monthly revenues with Technoso. We’re approximately 30% less expensive and 70% more efficient.

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More speed.

Our license plate recognition software makes it easy for customers to simply drive up to the barrier, pay with their credit card, and go – all within seconds! 

More oohs and ahhhs.

Our ultra-futuristic system is 100% cloud-based, requires virtually no wiring, and will make you look awesome. Set it and forget it. 

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More trees.

Trees are a good thing. Would you agree? Save the planet and reduce your carbon footprint with one of our paperless ticketing systems. 

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