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  1. Parking shouldn’t be something people are worried about when arriving at a medical facility, unfortunately, it is. Very often there is vehicle congestion by the entrance to the parking lot which is very frustrating for medical staff and visitors and can even present a danger to patients who need immediate attention and emergency vehicles needing to enter.

  2. The Technoso’s unique parking system can completely change the situation and at a much lower cost than other parking systems. By managing the parking lot with Licence Plate Recognition and a powerful management software that is completely cloud-based, the possibilities for improvement are endless.

  3. By transforming the parking process into an intuitive, stress-free, and smooth flowing experience, your staff and patients will stay happier and the medical attention will be provided faster. 






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Medical center parking solutions:

Fast entrance:

The Ticket-Recycle entrance terminal releases a PVC recyclable ticket the moment the vehicle approaches before it even reaches the barrier with no need for pressing any buttons. For even faster entrances Technoso offers the Ticket-Less system which will automatically open the barrier after capturing the license plate of the entering vehicle. For regular subscribers such as staff, doctors, & nurses – the barrier will immediately open upon recognizing the vehicle license plate with no need for them to use cards, stickers or chips.  

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Navigating the parking lot

With the use of LPR cameras and sensors installed in specific areas, it’s easy to display the number of parking spaces available in each area. That data can also be displayed on a medical center’s website or app for drivers to know where to go even before arriving. It’s also possible to create closed-off areas (controlled by an LPR camera) reserved for specific parkers such as medical staff. 


Parkers can conveniently pre-pay at the Pay On Foot machines located in strategic areas, or easily pay with credit card (including contactless and EMV) and mobile payments by the exit terminals. Using the LPR system the facility can choose to allow vehicles registered as disabled to park for free and the exit barrier will immediately open for them. Third-party parking payment apps can be easily integrated with Technoso’s open API. After Payment parkers will receive a digital receipt straight to their email. 

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Unique solutions for Medical Centers

  • For Medical Centers that use the same entrance lane for emergency vehicles, it’s possible to install an LPR camera before reaching the barrier area which will recognize emergency vehicles and have the barrier open for them by the time they reach it. It can also trigger a red/green traffic light or barrier to block the entrance for other vehicles.  
  • For visitors that go in and out throughout the day, there is an option to pay one fee and allow them to enter and exit as many times as they wish within 24 hours, all monitored with the LPR cameras. 

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