Technoso Advantages

Management Software & App

Management that lives in the cloud

The management software is fully in the cloud​ and therefore there is no need for expensive servers. 

Global access

Access the management software from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. 

Custom control

The management interface (mobile responsive) allows designated users such as tenants or office workers) to manage their own parking spaces (changing car numbers, accommodating guests, viewing reports and more…

Free App

Free PalGate App allows users to open the barrier/gate in real time with a click of a button. 

No additional software required

No remote control software (TeamViewer, etc.) is required for fault handling, viewing and parking operation.

Open API

Easily integrate any system and / or external application through Technoso’s open API. 

Installation & Management

No need for infrastructure and wiring for communications

Customer only needs to provide electricity at each lane (option to install solar electricity). 

No need for internet provider

Multi SIM installed 


No need to communicate with credit card processing companies. Everything is done through Technoso, ONE STOP SHOP. 

Remote assistance

95% of the technical issues can be solved remotely.

No need for stickers or discount codes

Provide discount / exemption cards without the need for expensive stickers or discount codes.


Save money on papers for receipts and entry tickets

savings of $0.01 to $0.04 per car in the parking lot.


Reduce expenses on manpower and service costs

such as paper roll replacement, printer care, consumables, and more.

Save money with a secure and dedicated VPN.

The VPN connects the whole system and exists in Microsoft Azure cloud.

Cost of credit card processing and digital payments are low

(no minimum fees / monthly fees) only a low percentage of the parking payments. 

Total of the annual and ongoing costs are the lowest in the parking market. 

Hardware Advantages

Highest LPR recognition rates

LPR cameras detection rate is over 99% as well as special LPR algorithm capabilities for detection of faulty license plates. 

Innovative design

Innovative design (all white RAL9001) with built-in LED lighting (3 modes), touch screens, and active user guidance.

Fully customizable configurations

Unique option for a parking lot to only have an exit terminal (Ticket Less OUT/ Ticket Recycle OUT) and an LPR camera by the entrance. 

Digital Tax Invoices

Digital Tax invoices are easily provided through Technoso’s website​ (up to 7 years retroactively) and/or option to automatically receive it by email. 

Reducing Traffic jams

Users can pay through payment applications in which case credit cards are not required by the exit.

Accepts all types of credit cards

including payment through EMV, Contactless, QR code, and Mobile wallets. 

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