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Looking for parking is stressful, effects revenue growth, and is bad for the environment. Using smart parking, we can eliminate all of these issues. Our smart parking solution is comprised of 3 systems: Collecting data through sensors or cameras, guiding drivers through the parking lot using digital dynamic signs, and displaying the data to the drivers through overhead LED indicators. With smart parking, your parking lot will have higher revenues, happier customers, and no traffic jams.

The Camera-based overhead indicator system allows users to see the availability of parking spaces within large areas, with a quick glance. The new innovative system will allow you to increase your parking capacity to 100%, provide guests the ability to easily locate their car, and receive detailed parking data in order to maximize parking revenues.

Combines occupancy detection & license plate recognition

Video stream capture

Easy installation

One sensor monitors up to 6 spaces

Creates a positive user experience

Fill every space

Quite frequently parking lots appear full but in reality, are not. With highly visible color-coded LED lights and accurate data collection, even the hard-to-find spots will be filled.

“Find my car”

The system is equipped with License Plate Recognition technology. This will enhance your customer’s experience by providing them the ability to search for their car in a large parking lot. The driver can enter their license plate number into a smartphone app or a fixed kiosk and quickly locate their car.

Individual space indicators

External space indicators can be installed as extended LEDs to provide each individual parking space with it’s own unique indicator. Instead of the sensor having the LED indicator inside of the sensor casing, the LEDs are extended to the end of each parking space on a dropper. Each parking space indicator can be fully controlled individually.

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