Dynamic Signage and Parking Count

שילוט דינמי לחניונים

Goodbye congestion. Hello customers.

Our parking count system saves electricity, requires virtually no wiring, and instantly guides your customers to vacant spots. 

שילוט דינאמי

The dynamic signage experience:

  1. Before entering the parking lot, you see a sign indicating the number of available spaces. 
  2. You enter the lot, a screen displays that there are spots available on level 2. 
  3. You go straight to level 2, a green light shows you your spot, you park, done!

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מערכת חניה לרמי לוי

Rami Levi – Modiin

Location​ Modiin, Israel Date of installation: ​ September 2019 A large shopping center that includes many shops and a Rami Levy supercenter. Two levels of

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בניין חברת 'טבע'

TEVA Pharmaceuticals

Location Vitania Tower Ramat HaHayal, Tel Aviv Date of installation: October 2020 The parking lot serves the tenants of the Teva and “AD 120” complexes

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